You’ll Never Be Her, and She’ll Never Be You



Man, I compare myself a lot! Before I got into the blogging and Instagram game, I never really cared. I always looked at others pages and said, “wow, I really like how they/he/she edit their pictures”. And now that I’m trying clean up my stuff and make it all “magical and fluffy” (rolling my eyes), I have realized how much jealousy comes out of comparing! One day, I want this filter, the next, I want that filter!! The more profiles I see that I like, I want to change everything! And no matter how many minutes, hours, days, I edit, I seem to never meet what their pictures look like.
And then I look at how many likes they have for a simple picture of … let’s say … their drink of choice at Starbucks! What the heck people!! You are more engaged with a picture of an over priced-over sweetened-frappe, than you are of my baby niece being born!
WHAT. IS. WRONG. WITH. OUR. COUNTRY. lol! I’m partly kidding with that!!


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